About Us

Our most current, Collection, is The Dreamweaver FLEUR DI LEIS Line of Fine Jewelry which includes, Rings, Bracelets, and Pendants. A truly unique and one of a kind line of gifts, that pays homage to being someone special. This collection honors or celebrates you or your special someone’s birth year, day, anniversary, or other life event, by making the unforgettable statement, that you, someone, or something is very special.

Each piece represents personal health and well-being for the wearer. Crafted with intricate details 18 K, 14 K, yellow, gold, white, gold, or sterling silver, these pieces are available in various sizes. They are artfully designed with the Trinity petals of the majestic, and ancient Fleur Di Leis, which symbolizes a regard in the highest of esteem. Additionally, they are all crowned with a rare, vintage, or contemporary US minted, copper penny or silver, or gold dollar coin, which features the year you wish to celebrate. The design also includes accents of diamonds on each side, (or with your choice of another precious gem, or Zodiac birthstones to celebrate a specific month).


Which is customizable so you can choose as the crown on any ring or bracelet - with choice of year birth month or Zodiac Sign gemstone.

Copper is known as ‘the Healing Metal’. According to the Materia Medica of Natural Health, it is the principal conductor of electric and all other energies. Worn  as Jewelry, Copper’s numerous physical energetic benefits to health includes, remedying body and joint pains, cramps, inflammation, hormone stimulation and balance, the bloods circulation and disease protection. It also has energetic benefits which includes the enhancement of self esteem, sensuality, intuition, inner-vision, vitality, initiative and independence.

Ring size : This ring is personalized and produced to order. Please make sure your choice of finger size is correct.  


Personalized:  Please state the year of the Penny you would like for the ring’s or bracelet’s crown, and whether you would prefer the Diamond or a specific Gemstone on both sides.

Packaging:  In a quality gift box, suitable for gifting.

Returns: These pieces are custom made and personalized according to the buyer’s requests. It is therefore not returnable after order is confirmed as ready for processing. 


Processing time for this ring is 2 weeks from the date of purchase.